Hunan Norchem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

R&D Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Quality is regarded as life in Norchem. We have established comprehensive quality management system and prepared a series of SOPs which have been strictly implemented. On the way of quality management, we will always: 
Comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards to ensure our products conform to their intended use and registration requirements.
Conduct regular internal audits in our manufacturing sites. Once problem is found, corrective actions will be taken.
Perform effective trainings to continuously improve the quality management consciousness and level of staff.
Implement continual quality improvement initiatives according to emerging industry trends. 

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department is supported by completely segregated analysis labs and equipped with well qualified quality personnel. Our analysts perform test and analysis of raw materials, intermediates and products before release as per related SOPs. 
Advanced instruments are important guarantee for accurate detection of materials and products. Following is part of our instruments:
Instrment name Type
Instrment name Type
GC(with headspace) AGILENT 7890A
UV Spectrophotometer SPECORD PLUS200
Particle Size Analyzer MALVERN
Polarimeter RUDOLPH
Meltig Point Detector METTLER TOLEDO MP50
Moisture Meter METTLER TOLEDO V20

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