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Starting from Phytosterols, we have developed a series of advanced technologies and have been equipped with capacity for large scale production. 
Fermentation & Chemical Synthesis
We manufacture steroid-hormones intermediates and APIs according to GMP standard with latest fermentation and chemical synthesis techniques.
Phytosterol, the critical intermediate for steroid-hormones products, from which, a series of products such as AD, 11a-OH AD, ADD, 11a-OH ADD,9a-OH AD, etc. have been manufactured by fermentation method. 
We possess over 1500m3 fermentation volume in total, size of fermentor range from 10L, 50L, 1KL, 5KL, 10KL, 20KL, 30KL to 60KL. 
We have hundreds of Glass Lining reactors and Stainless steel reactors, including reactor of 10L, 50L, 500L,1KL, 2KL, 5KL, ect..

Manufacturing Management

Hunan Norchem Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.  is a manufacturer specializing in production of corticosteroids APIs and related intermediates which has R&D departments covering the whole country .
With the rapid development of business, we have four plants ,including two intermediate plants which is located in Anhua and Jinshi ,one hormones API plant and one preparation plant which are located in Beijing. Besides the production plants, we also have a R&D center which is located in Changsha ,Hunan . Meanwhile ,we are invited to run Henan Lihua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.which is specializing in producing corticosteroids . 
As a profession manufacturer, we strictly comply with GMP to produce corticosteroids APIs and related intermediates
Basing on the good service and high quality , Hunan Norchem Pharma has developed the business all around the world .
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