Hunan Norchem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

About Us

Harmonious earth, for the benefit of mankind

“We are willing to strengthen and expand APIs and formulations for steroids and hormones along with peers all over the world to make contribution to human health.”

Company Profile

Hunan Norchem Pharma is an intermediate and API manufacturer specializing in steroids and hormone products.
Hunan Norchem Pharma follows CGMP and EHS regulations, producing estrogens, progestogens, Androgens and Corticosteroids.
The company is an internationally oriented research-based pharmaceutical company with its headquarters located in Changsha city, Hunan province, P.R.China. R&D center is  located in Changsha, while 3 production sites are located in Changde, Anhua and Shaoyang, all the activities are focusing on steroid and hormones, starting from Phytosterols only.
Hunan Norchem Pharma works on big fermentation and chemical synthesis, we are making our products competitive not only on the price, but also on the quality, service and stability. 
We are supplying all over the world.

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